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Application Letter Re-Writing

Application letters

We also translate your application letter to English, providing you with an accurate translation, employing professional vocabulary and of course displaying correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Less is more. Application letters should be brief - ideally two to three paragraphs. Employers do not want to read a verbose, full-page life story starting at your primary school, nor do they want to read dozens of the same old redundant adjectives such as "pro-active", "responsible", "efficient" etc. What they want is a brief summary of your primary experience and skills relevant to a certain position or type of position.

Our recruitment professionals will strip-down your application letter to the salient points to give it more IMPACT. We do this after analysing your CV, in order to be certain that all of your greatest advantages are emphasized.


  • After receiving your draft or simply a one-line statement of what sort of letter you require, our consultants will read it and make notes
  • The consultant will contact you at a time convenient for you, including evenings until 21:00 and Saturdays. We will define with you the initial impression, suggestions for improvement, and ascertain your goals and wishes fort he CV.
  • We will preapre our proposed revision. During the process we may need to contact you to clarify various points.
  • All letters are spell-checked. Chose British or American spelling conventions.
  • We will send you the finished CV as a Word document and ascertain modifications you would like made until you are entirely satisfied with the result.

To get your Application Letter translated into an accurate, professional and attractive English, proceed to our service ordering page.